Farmanac Now Available in The iTunes Store

We’ve been telling you a lot about Farmanac leading up to it’s release: how to use the app as a general guide for selecting and storing fruits and vegetables; how to look up produce using a PLU Code; and how to determine an item’s pesticide levels. Until now, however, it hasn’t been available for download. The exciting news is Apple approved the app (we held our breath for six days including a weekend to receive the go ahead), and today, we’re proud to announce that Farmanac is available for purchase on the iTunes store.

For $1.99 you’ll be able to quickly make the best produce purchasing decisions while shopping at your local market. We’ve posted a screen cast below to give you an overview of how it works before you commit to buying it. Browse for information on thousands of fruits and vegetables using the app, or search it using a specific name or PLU code. For each item of produce, Farmanac will give you the following:

  • The name and variety
  • A photo
  • It’s organic, conventional or GMO status (if searching by PLU)
  • It’s pesticide score with buying recommendation
  • About the item
  • How to select it
  • How to store it
  • When it is in season locally

We designed Farmanac to help you eat healthy and maximize your food budget. Our hope is that every time you leave the market you’ll end up with fruits and vegetables that are fresh, in season, and free of pesticides.

So head over to the iTunes store and download Farmanac for your iPhone today.

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