Farmanac is a detailed produce guide that allows you to quickly make the best purchasing decisions while shopping at your local market. With this app, you can browse through thousands of fruits and vegetables or search for them by name or PLU code. The information available for each item of produce includes:

  • A photo
  • Its organic, conventional or GMO status (if searching by PLU)
  • The pesticide score with buying recommendation
  • About
  • How to select
  • How to store
  • When it is in season locally

Use Farmanac to ensure you’re getting the most of your food budget while minimizing your exposure to toxic pesticides; learn how to select ripe produce and store it properly; and use it to look up exotic fruits and vegetables you’ve never seen before. Our hope is that every time you leave the market you’ll end up with fruits and vegetables that are fresh, in season, and free of pesticides.

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